Artistic Enamelling

Cold Enamelling is a process through which we apply resin onto metal surfaces mainly without the need of a kiln. Resin is mixed with the hardener in a specific ratio and the mixture is being applied through several techniques on the metal article. Afterwards, either the article is cooked for short time in low temperatures (60-80°C), or it remains in room temperature till enamel’s full solidification.

Artistic Enamelling is suitable for the decoration of small-sized items, like faux bijoux, jewelries, accessories for leatherwear, promotional items etc.

Our company, KAPLANOGLOU S.A., supplies its customers with consumables (resins, hardeners etc.) of top quality, as well as the necessary enamelling equipment.


Enamels Opaque & Transparent

Metallized Enamels

Fluorescent Enamels


  • For Flat surfaces
  • For curved surfaces
  • Flex


  • Diluent
  • Softeners
  • De-Bubbling Agent
  • Dust Concentrated Nacre etc.

Enamelling Equipment

Enamel Dispenser

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Stone Suction Units


Heated Enamelling Table

Enamelling Asseccories

  • Syringes
  • Needles
  • Connectors