Laboratory Equipment Made of Platinum

Our company provides simple laboratory accessories, X-Ray Fluorescence analysis equipment, etc. with alloys of the platinum group metals (Platinum, Rhodium, Iridium and Palladium) or pure Platinum or alloy Platinum/Gold. The composition of the alloy needed is determined by the needs of the application: wetting behavior, melting point of the application, corrosion resistance, rupture strength etc.

All the characteristics of the alloys used can be enhanced using dispersion-hardened or fein grained materials, e.x. Zirconium Oxide.

These enhanced accessories are described by the terms: FKS-Platinum or FKS-Platinum alloys and have the following characteristics:

  • Structural stability during annealing
  • High rupture strength
  • Increase of the maximum Temperature of the application
    (20% higher Temperature can be applied using the FKS-Platinum alloys)
  • Increase in tensile strength and yield strength
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Extended useful life

We provide accessories with the following FKS-Platinum /Platinum alloys:

  • FKS Pt : FKS Platinum
  • FKS Pt/Au 95/5: FKS Platinum/Gold 95/5
  • FKS Pt/Rh 90/10: FKS Platinum/Rhodium 90/10
    Indicatively we could mention accessories with above mentioned layers:

Crucibles, Crucibles with lid, Dishes, Wine Dishes, Carbonization Crucibles, etc. of different dimensions with/without rim made of:

  • Platinum/Iridium 97/3
  • Platinum/Gold 95/5
  • FKS- Platinum/Gold 95/5

Boats with Handle, Mini-crucibles etc. of different dimensions with/without rim made of:

  • Platinum
  • Platinum/Iridium 97/3
  • Platinum/Gold 95/5
  • Platinum/Gold 95/5

Casting Dishes, Round or Square design, Crucibles, Casting Dishes, Lids etc. for
X-Ray Fluorescence analysis of different dimensions made of:

  • Platinum/Gold 95/5
  • FKS-Platinum/Gold 95/5

Laboratory equipment accessories: Crucibles Tongs and Tweezers made of Chromium-Nickel Steel, Spatulas, Inoculation Loops etc. made of

  • Platinum/Iridium 97/3
  • Platinum/Gold 95/5
  • Platinum

Fischer, Winkler, Woelbling, made of:

  • Platinum/Iridium 90/10

Electrode Schoeniger, made of:

  • Platinum