Electroplating Lines

Our company, KAPLANOGLOU S.A., has been supplying and installing electroplating lines of several types (automatic, semi-automatic, manual) since four decades.
During the past few years we have supplied many contemporary fully automatic plating lines for imitation jewelry as well as for industrial items in Greece and in surrounding countries. Apart from the supply of the equipment, our company is responsible for the good operation of those lines with respect to the chemicals and consumables.

Indicative photos of plating lines follow:

Automatic Barrel Plating Lines

These lines are suitable for plating in bulk small and medium sized items thanks to special rotating devices (Rotor & Mini Rotor). (Rotor & Mini Rotor).

Automatic Rack Plating Lines

That type of lines are suitable for the plating of large, complex, or fragile parts.
They are excellent for producing selective deposits.

Manual Plating Lines

Parts transferring along several stages is held manually, since there isn’t any carrier for that task. These lines are appropriate for plating in small scale and represent high labor cost.